How to Help (with no money)

Help look after the horses.

If you are able to spare a little time on a regular basis and you would like to see if you can help us with the daily work of caring for our horses then please contact us.

Encourage your family and friends to donate second hand items to us.

If you know someone who is having a bit of a clear out or moving home then suggest that they donate some of the things that they no longer want.

How to Help (with a little money)

Visit our shop

You will be suprised at the range of things we have. Perhaps you find just the thing you want for a very reasonable price and you would be helping the horses too.

Make a donation

Do you find yourself with loads of loose change in your pockets? Make yourself a little collection box and when its full, count it and donate it to St. Mary's Horse Refuge. It saves your pocket lining and the horses.

How to Help (with loads of money)

We need better fences, stables, rugs and many other things that require significant donations. If you are in a position to do so, would you like to help by sponsoring one of our major projects or helping us to buy some of the more expensive items that make all the difference to the horses.