Breed/Type: Welsh Section D - Colour: Chestnut - Sex: Mare - Height: 14.0 HH - Age: 25 - Marks: White Stripe on face and White Sock

Rhia-head Rhia

Rhia's full name is Rhianna.

Rhia came to us just over 13 years ago as was intermittently lame and had a bad case of reoccurring laminitis. Her owners could no longer afford the vet bills and give her the care she needed so signed her over to us. They still visit her regularly and are very happy with her progress.

She is the most impatient pony you could ever meet and very vocal, she is also quite a bully in the field and top of the pecking order. She can be a bit spooky and flighty when in the field but is completely different when you're riding her - she is calm the majority of the time although still a little spooky! She is also very well mannered as soon as her head collar is on, perfect to be wormed, shod and have her teeth done and can also be very sweet and enjoy a cuddle.

Rhia had a bad bout of laminitis in 2008 and had to be on box rest for a few months which she, for her, coped amazingly well with. Thankfully she made a full recovery and is now on strip grazing and a constant diet. After her laminitis she suffered with a few abscesses which were treated by our vet and she now seems to be sound and can hopefully start getting the exercise that she needs to stay slim.

she is chestnut with one white sock and a stripe down her face and has a tail like a fox, and when groomed is a very lovely looking pony who can also move beautifully too. Although I've never known one to roll as much as her, she's at her happiest when covered in mud!

One of our helpers took her to a fun show at Christmas in 2008 and did really well - Rhia did get impatient about standing still and tried to rub her head on the judge, but for her first show whilst with us, we were impressed with her behavior.

It has been hard looking after her as she did come with her problems and her very strong character but she is a real joy to be around, she is constantly making us laugh and is certainly teaching the youngsters at the Clements Hall site a bit of respect. We just hope that we can keep the laminitis at bay and she stays sound as she really does enjoy going out on hacks and she deserves a bit of normality after a hard few years for her.