Breed/Type: Comtois - Colour: Chestnut - Sex: Mare - Height: 15.1 HH - Age: 13 - Marks: Only One Eye

Mercy-head Mercy

Mercy is a 13 year old French draft breed, called a Comtois, rescued by one of our trustees from a fattening farm in France via a not for profit organization

She has been at our Clements Hall site for 12 years now.

She arrived very underweight and nervous and also had a badly damaged eye. After weeks of vetinary treatment it was advised she have it removed as she was blind in it and it was causing her a lot of pain. She adapted quickly and copes amazingly well with one eye and it does not hinder her in any way. She is a dark palomino with almost a white mane and tail and has a small star and snip on her face. He legs are almost a dun colour and she has a small bit of feather.

She is now about 15.1 hands and built like a tank yet she is the most placid, quiet, loving horse you could ever meet. All she wants is cuddles, her bum scratched or whatever food you have in your pocket! She will groom you back when being scratched and follow you like a sheep. She is also bottom of the pecking order even though she's the biggest!

She does have her faults though, she tends to crash through fencing to get to better grazing unless it's electrified - so all of the paddocks have to have electric fencing turned on at all times to prevent her escaping and hurting herself. She is also a little naughty with the farrier and pulls him about a bit but is improving each time - her feet where in an awful state when she arrived but are looking so much better now she's had the proper care and attention.

At the moment she is being backed and is taking it all in her stride. We have done a small amount of long lining with her which she is still getting to grips with and have led her out in-hand loads to get her used to traffic and all the scary things she's going to come across. She doesn't seem to be worried about anything, not even umbrellas, bikes, mopeds, skateboards, trains and dogs! She will make a lovely safe riding horse as nothing seems to scare or faze her.

We're taking things very slowly though as she's had such a traumatic start to life - not that you'd know it now by looking at her!