Breed/Type: Welsh Section D Cross - Colour: Black - Sex: Gelding - Height: 14.2 HH - Age: 29 - Marks: White Blaze, Left Hind White Sock

Jake-head Jake

We think he is a Welsh section D or a shire fell cross, because he is very heavy boned with lots of feather.

He has been with us for 27 years. We rescued him from the back of a lorry as an unwanted 2yr old. He was on the way to slaughterers! Since we have had Jake, he has bought many laughs and many mishaps.

Being the size he is, we tried to brake him in for driving, but he was too unpredictable and too strong. He is good to ride, although, he can be lazy sometimes, or if he sees somebody with a carrier bag, a bucket, a pram, or you name it, he will go and have a look! He has been known to wander up driveways to have a nose around!

He has a fantastic jump and he has been known to jump fences and gates as big as he is from a standstill. This has caused us lots of problems, because, if we need to rotate fields, he will somehow manage to get out. So, now he has to stay at our main field which is secure enough to keep him in, although, he still wanders from paddock to paddock as he pleases, leaving behind broken fences and gates! We think he is too intelligent for his own good sometimes. He can undo ropes and he cuts string with his teeth. He can open gate latches and catches, he pushes fences down, he brakes posts, he will run through, he rolls under or jumps electric fencing. He causes more mischief than all the others put together! You cant leave coats or bikes anywhere near him, he will demolish them. He can take his own rugs off. He will let other horses out of their fields and stables; and, he also likes to vandalise cars. He sees everything as a personal challenge to overcome!!

Jake suffers COPD along with some of our other rescues and he has to be kept off the hay. Unlike most of our other rescues, he loves his teeth being filed by the equine dentist and he will keep strangers out of the field. So, he is like our very own guard horse!!!

Although he is a lot of trouble and very hard work, sometimes, the place would not be the same without him! He is a very important resident.